Since 2013, Ashkan Khatibi announced the beginning of his collaboration with the newly established Charso cinema complex as a director, and in less than two years, he was able to, despite the initial speculations about the lack of success in attracting audiences due to the location of the complex in a commercial area in the center The city of Tehran, with the help of plans beyond the usual and mandatory screening of films, using the potential capacities of the collection to hold painting and photo exhibitions, theater, concerts, literary evenings, film reviews, etc., the position of this campus as It is one of the most important and popular cinema campuses in Iran and the palace of important festivals such as True cinema,Tehran Short Film and Fajr World Festival.

Together with Professor Behnam Fahhim Nia, at the beginning of 2019, he founded an international company called “The sound of silence” in Australia with the aim of producing plays, music, films and other works of art with a focus on fundamental human concepts and cultural interactions. Holding theater and cinema directing and acting workshops, national and international festivals with the aim of strengthening cultural relations between artists and art lovers in different countries, especially Australia and Iran, is one of the desired activities of this company.