Khatibi started his career in cinema by appearing in the movie “So Close, So far” directed by Reza Mirkarimi. his voice, along with the brilliant soundtrack of this film, became one of the most lasting descriptions of the stars of Iranian cinema. In the following years, he experienced appearing in several films, and his most difficult or perhaps the most painful experience was playing the role of Saba in the movie “Bench Cinema”. In this film, Khatibi portrays a man who suffers from hunger. preparation for this role was accompanied by a very drastic weight loss (twenty-five kilograms) in just four months. This continuous pressure due to severe malnutrition created difficult physical conditions for him for a long time, and perhaps he compensated by ignoring the injuries. Inevitably, it can be said, acceptable recovery of this weakness took years. The abandonment of the frames of his acting in a snowy mountain where he appeared half-naked in front of the camera for hours and his passion for acting had taken him to play the violin in less than four months, made him discouraged from cinema. That’s why he decided to spend some time away from the magic of the silver screen,and put himself in the atmosphere of music and theater to revive his energy.

The last Fiction 2018

Negar 2017

Bench Cinema 2016

Lady 2014

Bending the Rules 2013

Final Whistle 2011

Absolutely Tame Is a Horse 2011

shoot the target 2008

So Close, So Far 2005

A Notebook from the Heaven 1999